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Community Outpatients Teledermatology Service

Community Outpatients, an award-winning, leading provider of NHS specialist care, has been commissioned by NHS Central and South Manchester to provide TeleDermatology services in the community.

The Teledermatology service enables you to be seen quicker than you would be seen at the Hospital and at a place closer to your home.

Information for Patients

Why have I been referred to the Teledermatology service?
GPs diagnose and treat most skin problems themselves. However on occasion they may wish to refer your skin problem to benefit from a skin specialist consultant opinion. The teledermatology service utilises modern technology to obtain a rapid diagnosis and treatment plan for your skin problem without you having to attend a hospital.
What does "Teledermatology" mean?
Teledermatology involves using a camera to take high quality digital pictures of your skin or using something called a “dermascope” to scan smaller skin lesions. These images/scans are then sent electronically (with further background information) to a skin specialist consultant to diagnose your skin problem and provide recommendations on any treatment required.
What if I need to change, cancel or might be late for my appointment?
Please contact the Teledermatology service as soon as on the phone number provided on the appointment letter. It is important you let the service know to prevent your appointment being wasted leading to delays to other patients.
What will happen when I attend my appointment at the clinic?
At the clinic you will see a Teledermatology specialist who will take photos of your skin condition/complaint and a brief Medical history. After this these images are sent to the Consultant to review. The Consultant will then do the following:
  1. Obtain a Diagnosis
  2. Implement a clear and concise Management Plan
  3. If needed a Prescription and Management plan to your GP, which you can collect in 5 working days post your initial appointment.
  4. Discharge you back to the GP or onward refer you to the Hospital of your choice if your treatment can not be dealt with by the GP or by the Community Dermatology.
It is important to note that at any point if your condition requires urgent intervention or is suspected to be a possible cancer, you will be referred as usual through the urgent cancer referral pathway.
How can I give feedback about my experience of the Teledermatology service?
We welcome your feedback on your experience to help improve and shape the future provision of teledermatology service. You can provide your feedback to:
  • Teledermatology Service – using the survey given at your appointment or email or phone number provided on the appointment letter

Referral Criteria - Teledermatology


  • Over 18 years old
  • Who require a routine or urgent referral


  • Under 18 years old
  • Patients who meet the criteria for a two-week referral for cancer, i.e.patients presenting to primary care with pigmented
  • Lesions which are suspected melanoma or squamous carcinoma or high risk BCCs. These patients should be referred
  • Directly to secondary care via the 2WW referral process
  • Patients with previous history of high risk BCCs, squamous carcinoma or melanomas
  • Patients requiring immunosuppressants and transplant patients
  • Patients with long-term / severe inflammatory skin conditions who have a previous history under a secondary care consultant
  • Patients with hair bearing sites where the image of the skin lesion / rash will be of insufficient quality for assessment by a consultant
  • Patients requiring tertiary specialist care
  • Patients with more than three lesions in need of assessment

Contact Us 

For more information or for any queries you can contact us on 0203 772 8316.

Opening hours at the Referral Management Centre (RMC) are 08:00-19:00 (Mon-Fri)

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